Welcome to our page! We offer a wide, diversified, unique and high quality product assortment of auto body supplies, tools, finishes and more. If we don't have it in stock we can order it. We offer high quality products that are well known in the auto industry, as well as brand new, latest technology products at unbeatable prices.

We provide high quality goods at unbeatable prices with unmatched and unbeatable quality service.

We carry quality automotive paint and wide range of supplies such as sandpaper, spray paint, primer, clear, bondo, polishing compounds, masking tape, paper, auto body fillers, etc..

We can match any paint you can think of. With our color matching high tech camera system we can create any color you like faster and better. 

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Helping shops achieve top quality performance and efficiency. 

·  Certified technicians and staff ready to help with your paint and auto body needs

·  Product training and education available (ask our associates for details) 

·  Paint system installation and maintenance help

·  Timely product delivery

·  Presenting the latest paint technology available on the market

·  Precision color tinting


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